Self-initiated project

Collaboration with: Eva-Maria Offermann, Lina Fesseler, Henning Kreitel and Dipl.-Des. Jan Henrik Arnold

Requirements for the design of the poster type BRUT were the digital process of type design itself and the reproduction in book printing. We desired a neutral feel for the type, but wanted to integrate characteristics of both processes. The drafts of this upper case alphabet BRUT and the layout were created together. The forms were lasered in linoleum and printed on thin A1 formatted paper doubling as magazine and poster.

With the drawn font BRUT_STRENG the printed Alphabet was digitalized again and used as a second font BRUT_LINOL offered as file. Fifty pieces of the poster-magazine were reproduced and included with the font licenses as a limited edition.

This project was selected for the Output Award 15 Annual and the Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2012.

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